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Restricted Soil Information

Some parts of the United States are regulated in regards to the shipping and handling of soil. Please check our list of regulated locations in the United States to see if your samples are located in an area that is prohibited or restricted. Restricted samples are subject to a 15% surcharge. Prohibited samples will be destroyed if received by our lab.

CNAL has three categories of regulated soils: Prohibited, Restricted and Quarantined.
All regulated samples being shipped to the CNAL, regardless of the category, need to be double bagged prior to packaging and shipping. Packing material such as crumpled paper or bubble wrap must be placed in the box with the samples to minimize sample movement and spillage during shipping.

Prohibited Soils: There are certain counties in the US where soil should neither be packaged nor shipped. Soil received from these counties will be destroyed in our lab without processing.

Restricted Soils: We accept soils from restricted areas throughout the United States. As with all samples, please be sure to double bag and use packing material to minimize sample movement during shipping. Special lab procedures are required for regulated soils.

Quarantined Soils: Quarantined soils are from any area outside the contiguous United States. Special shipping and lab procedures are required for quarantined soils. You must contact the Bob Schindelbeck prior to shipping quarantined soils: Quarantined samples are subject to an additional 15% surcharge.

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