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Submission Forms

Submission Guidelines:

  • We require state and county information with all soil sample submissions. Please check our list of regulated locations in the United States to see if your samples are located in an area that is prohibited or restricted.
  • The Cornell Nutrient Analysis Laboratory (CNAL) has a new Sample ID Form. Please send a copy of this form via email as well as with your samples and submission form. This form should also be saved for your records to associate your client/grower ID with our sequential CNAL ID#. Please number your bags with the sequential CNAL ID# (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • You will find all CNAL tests listed on the submission forms below. Please fill out the forms as thoroughly as possible, including customer information, sample description, identifying codes, and payment information.
  • Please note new prices as of January 1, 2017.

Soil Submission Forms:

Plant Tissue Submission Forms:

Water/Extracts/Solutions Submission Form:

Compost Submission Form:

Greenhouse Root Media Submission Form:

Customized Analysis Submission Form:

  • Customized Analysis (Use this form for any samples that don’t fit into the “C” Compost, “P” Plant , “S” Soil, “L” Liquid description, “G” Greenhouse.)

Training/Do-It-Yourself Testing Submission Form:

  • Do-it-Yourself (CNAL offers training and a “do it yourself” service. These services are only available to current Cornell students, staff, and faculty.)

Sample ID Form:

  • Sample ID Form (This form can provide ID’s for up to 80 samples and is attached to our other submission forms. For sample submissions over 80 samples please print additional copies of this Sample ID Form)

pH Kit Submission Form:



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