You will find all of CNAL’s tests listed on the submission forms below. Please fill out the forms as thoroughly as possible, including customer information, sample description, identifying codes, and payment information.

CNAL’s partner, Agro-One Services, now provides Cornell University’s research-based nutrient recommendations. If you wish to receive a fertilizer recommendation, please submit your soil sample directly to Agro-One. Note: Agro-One will honor previously purchased Cornell soil test bags. But these bags are no longer for sale.


If you do not know the soil name for your sample you can find it here: Web Soil Survey (Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture).

Form Name
S Research Soil Analysis
SH Cornell Soil Health Assessment
View more information about the Cornell Soil Health Assessment including sampling and shipment instructions.
PSNT Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test (PSNT) For Field Crops and Vegetables


Form Name
Manure Analysis - Contact DairyOne: 800-496-3344

Customized analysis
Use this form for any samples that don’t fit into the “C” Compost, “P” Plant , “S” Soil, “L” Liquid description, “G” Greenhouse.

Form Name
CA Customized Analysis

Trainings and Do-It-Yourself Testing
These services are only available to current Cornell students, staff, and faculty.

Form Name
D Do-It-Yourself

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